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Bennett Powersports Represents in 2023 Jackpine Enduro

Brent and his two sons, Larson and Lex (left to right, Brent, Larson, Lex) participated in the Jackpine Enduro this past weekend. All three finished in the Top 10 in there class with Brent placing 5th in the over 50 B class, Larson placing 1st, 1 minute 31 seconds behind the C class overall winner and Lex placing 4th, 4 minutes and 51 seconds behind his brother. All three rode Beta enduro bikes with Larson and Lex riding 200RR Race Edition Betas and Brent riding a 250RR Race Edition Beta. The Jackpine is one of the biggest enduro events in Michigan with over 300 riders participating. Here are some links to the event Jack_Pine_2023.pdf (


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