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2018 Beta Xtrainer 300 | First Look

Following the success of the first model, the new Xtrainer 300 is now on the market. Its many new features include a fully updated engine. Engine updates that were introduced in the 2018 RR 2-strokerange have been shared with the Xtrainer to further improve its performance and reduce its weight.

These important technical innovations put the new Xtrainer in a particular niche of the Enduro market, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a 2-stroke bike with slightly softer power delivery while still offering excellent ride-ability and ease of use. Definition; FUN. In fact, this is a bike for Enduro newcomers and those who want an off-roader that is a less demanding ride, not too heavy and still provides comfort and performance at a reasonable cost. The Xtrainer is also a great option for the Extreme Enduro discipline.

Its strengths can be summed up as follows:

  • Power delivery: soft and linear, making it extremely easy to ride, yet enough to inspire.

  • Beta Progressive Power Valve: allowing excellent engine performance throughout the rev range thanks to easy external adjustment via a 5mm hex wrench.

  • Seat height: reduced to 910 mm (35.8") - compared to the 930 mm (36.6") of the RR range to ensure an even more comfortable ride.

  • Low weight: at only 98 kg (216 lbs.) which provides an agile and non-intimidating ride, even for newcomers.

  • Automatic oil injection: eliminates the need for a fuel-oil premix.

  • Soft tires: to ensure better grip and higher performance on slippery terrain.

All this lets you enjoy excellent performance on an extremely user-friendly bike, instilling confidence and allowing easy control whatever the conditions.

The stable, light perimeter frame, coupled with a 43 mm progressive fork and a dedicated single shock, houses a cutting-edge, tamed-down Beta 300 cc 2-stroke engine.

The Tuscan manufacturer's engineers have introduced new upgrades for the Xtrainer including:

  • New clutch: a total overhaul has produced a lighter, more compact 6-spring clutch that improves its engagement, precision and stability as operating temperatures change. A new design to the clutch cover is more streamlined and stylish.

  • New gear shift system: improves the precision of the transmission and eliminates any uncertain mis-shifts.

  • New cylinder: new two-piece design for closer machining of the power valve increases performance in terms of power and torque throughout the rev range while keeping the power delivery perfectly linear.

  • Domed piston and new cylinder head profile: together with the new cylinder, these increase engine performance and improve running at low revs.

  • Crankshaft: rotating mass values were revised to match the new features of the engine and the crank pin was reinforced to improve reliability.

  • New connecting rod: reinforced lower bearing area to reduce friction and heat while improving reliability.

  • New centrifuge: with larger spheres to better adapt to the new primary drive ratio, ensuring better power delivery.

  • New combustion chamber: a slight increase in compression ratio has boosted performance.

The chassis design has also been restyled with the introduction of new colors in stunning red along with matching graphics.


$ 7499.00

*Plus $379.00 destination, sales tax, and other dealer license fees.



New 6-Spring Clutch

Two-Piece Cylinder for Improved Power Valve Performance

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