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2018 Beta RR 2 Strokes | First Look

2018 Beta 250/300 RR

Lighter weight with better performance than ever before


The new 2018 Beta 250/300 RR 2-Strokes are arriving to the market with many new features. The Italian manufacturer was able to transfer much of the know-how gained from the great racing successes including World Enduro victories in both the E3 Riders Championship and the Manufacturers World Championship. The Beta engineers, along with guidance from their top riders, Steve Holcombe and Alex Salvini, have designed a new line of motorcycles that are remarkably 10.4 pounds lighter in weight with better performance than the previous models!

But this drop in weight is not the only noteworthy feature. The engines, running gear and suspension have all been given significant technical updates which has further enhanced the strengths of this new generation of RR models making them easy to handle and fun to ride, while offering a high degree of reliability, continuing the term "Rideability".

The design was also revised with the introduction of a new rear fender, a new color for the plastics and graphics. Oil Injection returns for 2018 to eliminate the need for pre-mixing the fuel.

2018 Beta RR 2 Stroke
2018 Beta RR 2 Stroke


Compared to the 2017 model year, a great deal of development has gone into the engine's innovation including increased performance, these new features have also shaved off 3.7 lbs.

All New clutch: A total overhaul has developed a more compact and lighter weight clutch that improves its feel, precision, and stability as operating temperatures change. This new system provides more progression in clutch feel that allows for better control overall, making the tough lines even more graceful. Smaller, more compact clutch cover has been installed.

New cylinder: improves performance in terms of torque and power output throughout the rev range while keeping the response perfectly linear.

  • Rounded piston and new cylinder head profile: (300cc only): together with the new cylinder, provides smoother engine performance while providing better traction.

  • Crankshaft: redesigned configuration that is matched to the new cylinder which increases stiffness and provides less engine vibration.

  • New connecting rod: revised lower bearing area to improve durability.

  • New power valve timing: different design of the power valve ramps to better adapt to the new primary drive ratio, ensuring better power delivery.

  • New combustion chamber (250cc only):provides a higher compression ratio which has increased the power output.

  • Elimination of the kick-start: the incredible work put into making the electric starter more reliable has allowed the kick-start lever to be removed, significantly reducing weight. Given the engine design, a kick-start can still be ordered as an option.

  • New gear change system: updated star wheel and detent mechanism improves the precision of the transmission eliminating any possible uncertainties when shifting gears.

  • New air filter box: intense testing was done on the 2-stroke engine timing advance curves to optimize output enabling the introduction of a new air filter box.


A great deal of attention has also gone into the rest of the motorcycle including the chassis and suspension which continues to use a Sachs rear shock and Sachs 48 mm diameter front fork but with a new slider. Both benefit from updated settings to work in junction with the new frame. Many other innovations have been combined with this time-tested solution aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance as well as the dynamic performance of the motorcycle, through a weight reduction of the chassis of an additional 6.6 lbs!

  • New Chassis The front-end has been completely redesigned enabling an increase in the flexural and torsional rigidity characteristics compared to previous versions and with a notable reduction in weight thanks to an improved structural layout. This generates a consistent improvement in handling and riding precision.

  • Air filter box and rear subframe: lighter and slimmer design giving the bike a more aggressive look.​

  • Lithium battery: lighter in weight, more powerful and reliable.

  • Fork with a new slider: though also lighter in weight, this was developed to increase rigidity and reduce friction. Settings have been specifically calibrated to suit the demands of the new chassis.

  • New rear shock settings: adapted for the demands of the 2018 version chassis.

  • New skid plate: improved fastener accessibility for quicker removal.

  • New muffler heat shield: protects the rider from burns on both the 2 and 4-stroke versions.

  • Takasago Excel rims: with a new black finish specifically designed for Beta.

  • New colors and graphics: stunning white plastic with red frame sets the bike apart from the competition.

Available at Beta USA dealers beginning in August.

No Price Increase for 2018!


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