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They have more cavities in their hull and respond in much more... interesting ways to outside pressure than a smaller, more compact sub. Sure, there are upsides; storage, more hull points, harder to munch on, et-cetera... but overall, it'd be much better for exploration's sake to have a smaller, more-durable sub than another large one. (I speak, of course, of the upcoming DLC). Not that I have anything against the larger vehicles which are rumored not at all- it's simply a fact that another cyclops isn't ideal for exploration or deap-sea diving.


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  • gtqpwfti
    Jun 7, 2018

    HI, I have just returned a Gasgas EC250 due to it being a little bit too old and flakey. I am now 7 years out of touch with bikes (CRF250X, KTM EXC300, Gasgas EC400, DRZ400, CRM250AR, DR250 are my former bikes), Being a bit wiser and older, I am now concerned about the quality of the machine (the Gasgas EC400 was a disaster, snapping a cam chain and busting the oil pump on consecutive rides). Regarding, reliable 4 strokes, mostly advice follows that a DRZ, XR etc are the best bet. These bikes are not for me. I have raced once and enjoyed it very much and have also been happy trailriding a competitive bike. So light bikes are more interesting. So what I want to know is, what is the most reliable of the competitive lightweight enduro bikes? TE310, WR250F, KTM EXC, Husaberg? From several hours of trawling forums, none seem to flag up as bulletproof with almost roadbike type servicing. I was hoping the Husqvarna would have benefitted from some BMW quality control, but nobody seems to be saying things like after 20,000 miles they are still on the original engine without major work etc...I found one exception - the BMW 650 X-Challenge, but at 144kg is just too heavy. If I can't find anything I will happily revert to a better condition Gasgas EC250, as I like the handling on them, they are cheap, and replacing pistons does not scare me. But I would prefer a lightweight 4 stroke. Have I pretty much found out that they don't really exist or is there a bike that I have missed? Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Real Estate marketing Video Thank you.
  • gtqpwfti
    Jun 7, 2018

    Hi, Just looking for feedback from those that either own a KTM Freeride or have had one and decided it wasn't for them and got rid of it? I'm a relatively inexperienced biker who's been riding with the North Wales group for around 7 months or so. I currently have a DRZ400 - which after a baptism of fire - i'm starting to get to grips and can now go out and actually enjoy a ride... However I still find the bike a bit tall for me when the going gets tough (5'7", with short legs it appears!) and it's very heavy/tiring after a long day... I've been going through the learning curve most of you guys have probably already experienced - looking at 250cc lighter Enduro style bikes, WRF/CRF etc, reading the horror stories online about valves/pistons needing replacing after 40 hours etc etc blah blah blah... I've had a run out on a WRF - and while the bike is great, I just didn't really get 'excited' about the bike. I'm also going to look at a CRF this weekend. While doing all this digging I came across the Freeride - and i'm thinking this may well be the bike for me? Ignoring the microscopic fuel tank issue - it appears to be very capable with plenty of torque, and, more the size of bike I probably need while paddling up tricky lanes... I'm only interested in trail riding at present - i'm not looking for a racer or to take part in any enduros! The only other bike that is standing our at present is the 350/400 EXC-F but i think finding a fairly new one at the right price with low hours may be a challenge... I'd appreciate the thoughts of those that have them or those that bought them and decided it wasn't for them, and why? Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: eLearning Solution Example Thank you.
  • gtqpwfti
    Jun 7, 2018

    Hi, Husqvarna 701 Enduro your veiws please. My situation is i have a KTM 350 exc , clocking up the hours very quickly ,not the best on the tarmac. Dont really fancy taking my 1200 gsa off road as i use it for long distance road work wear s road tyres (Michelin pilot 4s). So i was thinking of a 701 for trail riding in the summer & other big bike off roading. I often look to do 150 miles plus a day ? Is this the bike for me ? I did have a Crf 250 L before the Ktm but the suspension was poor, it was to low to ride ruts(pegs/brake kept bending and heavy as a brick for a small bike. power and power delivery were spot on. Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Weather Forecast Video Thank you.

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