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The DTV Shredder is the first true crossover vehicle for recreation, utility or whatever you want to use it for. A combination of tank, skateboard, snowboard and surfboard, the DTV Shredder is the first Dual Track Vehicle that is all-terrain, all season capable. Own a DTV Shredder and your outdoors becomes your personal playground to explore. The DTV Shredder is compact enough to fit in most SUV’s and get up to four DTV Shredders into most pick-up trucks.Radical in style with two aggressive tank-treads, a pivoting skateboard-style deck and a powerful 4-stroke 208cc engine make it capable of traveling through dirt, mud, sand and snow with ease all year round. Own a DTV Shredder and you will quickly see that it is like no other ride on the planet – enjoy an exhilarating stand-up ride and control the Dual CVT Transmission through the pivoting deck steering mechanism and feel like your surfing on land.

DTV has developed an innovative steering system that uses the rider’s intuitive body movements to control the DTV Shredder.  Similarly, to carving or leaning on a snowboard, a rider leans into a turn on the Shredder.  This leaning movement actuates our mechanical Dual CVT Transmission which controls the individual track speeds to cause the turn.
DTV’s Patented Dual CVT Transmission takes advantage of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) technology.
Instead of utilizing gears and chains, CVT drives use V-Belts sandwiched between two conical plates (sheaves) forming pulleys at either end of the belt gear. Ratios are changed by moving the two sheaves of one pulley while widening the sheaves of the second pulley.  As the distance between the sheaves changes, the V-Belt rides higher or lower in the system creating an infinite number of variations. Add to that, speed sensitive steering for greater stability at higher speeds.
Other than it’s radical styling, our Patented Dual CVT Transmission makes the DTV Shredder an unbelievable off-road riding experience and the first of it’s kind in the world.
The DTV Shredder suspension utilizes a novel approach to track driven vehicles. The first and most obvious is the rear drive mechanism. This drive system delivers a much higher power efficiency and keeps the dual tracks firmly planted on the ground, unlike front drive systems. The front area is clear of any drivetrain, therefore, full attention to damping can be utilized meaning a full double articulated mechanism can absorb both frontal and lower shock loads. This ensures rider comfort and durability are achieved in a relatively small space.
The next and most visible system is the “X” shaped middle suspension. This is also another double articulated mechanism that is unparalleled in ground-forming shock absorption. This enables the Shredder to conform to virtually any surface while removing all track vibration. This mechanism provides the bases for the Shredders amazing manoeuvrability and stability at both high and low speeds.
The uniqueness of the transmission led us to develop our own powertrain. A 208cc engine designed and built to handle the loads of the DTV. It features an oil cooling system, electronic carburetor and custom designed exhaust. The result; an engine that has a wide power band, with a peak torque of 15ft-lbs @ 5400RPM.

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